scrags_portrait.jpgHey! Thought we’d keep a blog running so our Mums can check we’re alive, our friends can track our progress and we can document our attempt to traverse up and around a significant section of our awesome country for the remainder of 2014 in Trundle’s glamorous and self-proclaimed all terrain Renault Scenic with a tent, a couple of packs and some gear to keep us entertained along the way.

For those who are new here or haven’t been kept up to speed: Smash just finished her uni degree and is taking some time out to join her compadre on the road and get our fill of nature for a while before embarking on the next chapter. Trundle is a designer artist type and wants to get to know the outback a little more intimately before settling back in to her desk chair at the studio. We both have a mutual infatuation with the outdoors and are off getting our camping fix for a while.

There’s no real theme to what we’re doing other than our love of adventure, but we’re both keen on experiencing a wider range of Australia than we’ve been exposed to whilst living in cities and travelling for a couple of decades. It really feels like our generation opt for overseas travel right from the get go – gap years and exchanges and work placements are all in other continents and in varying degrees of exoticism. When it comes to exploring what’s out there in our intimidatingly large backyard, more often than not people just haven’t gotten around to it, or aren’t interested in checking it out. Maybe it’s because of the amount of space to cover, with large sections of desert or impassable terrain, or the universal talk about things that could kill you – but it’s part of who we are and we’re really lucky to be here. It’s something that we reckon has to be experienced. Plus, someone famous said something once about an adventure without risk being a trip to Disneyland. And as much as we love Disneyland, we’d prefer to go walkabout for a while. So that’s the reasoning behind packing up and giving it all we’ve got.

Trundle and Smash

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    • Thanks BJ!! I’ll have to come round and consult your book making expertise. Enjoy the last bits of the year and see you around Xmas.

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