Day 117 – Nullarbor: Bunda Cliffs to Hancocks Lookout

5 Dec

Last day on the Nullarbor! It was a lot quicker and less painful than we had anticipated, which was nice. Nullarbor translated means no trees, and the Nullarbor Plain is exactly that. Well lots of scrub. But definitely no trees. Eerily featureless and extremely flat, we cruised the straight stretches of road and exercised our waving hands and smashed it across the last stretch in to Port Augusta as the sun was getting low.

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It was extremely bizarre to be crossing our initial path back in August when we were heading up north and see the turnoffs to Coober Pedy and take in the view of the Flinders Ranges in the distance. It was like returning to a place you’ve travelled to before but nothing was different – however we hadn’t been home in between visits, we’d been on the road the whole time, which really made us look back on all we’d achieved and the huge amount of distance we’d travelled! Full on feelings and emotions as the day was drawing to a close.


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We found an epically beautiful spot tucked away in the start of the hills to the south east near the Mount Remarkable National Park called Hancock’s Lookout, which took our breath away with the sweeping views across the mountains, plains and right over to the water. The sun was setting as Smash made us a celebratory G&T (thankfully not one from a UDL can) and we cheers-ed to well executed adventuring and all round awesomeness. Our last supper was a traditional scrag chilli which was perfect to keep us warm as the breeze picked up after sunset. Super strange to be finishing up our last night of camping together!

Last night at Camp Scrag - Hancock's Lookout, SA
Last night at Camp Scrag – Hancock’s Lookout, SA

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Christmas crafts on the road
Christmas crafts on the road